We want to thank you for your support of Dance Network over the past several years. It has been our mission to bring you the best dance content, breaking news and live events on the internet. We had the pleasure of working with some of the best and brightest dancers and choreographers from around the world of dance. Every day we lived our promise that Dance Network was "created by dancers, for dancers". Despite our best efforts and your tremendous support, we could not meet the goals that we had set for ourselves. This has led us to make the difficult decision to discontinue Dance Network. Coming to this decision was very emotional and disappointing, but one that we could not avoid.

We have grown together with you as part of the global dance family. Dance is a universal language and one that we will continue to embrace. Our devotion to dance will not waver and we hope your passion for dance will continue for years to come. Thank you again! This has been an incredible journey and one that we will never forget.